A side-scrolling space shooter, except your weapons are malfunctioning so you have to outmaneuver your opponents or ram them into the level boundaries.

Keyboard Controls

  • Steering: Arrow Keys
  • Start: Space
  • Pause: P, Pause Break, Esc
  • Switch Easy Mode: E (on title screen)
  • Switch Hard Mode: H (on title screen)
  • Continue (on You Lose screen): Y

Gamepad Controls

  • Steering: Left analog or digital pad
  • Start: Start
  • Pause: Start
  • Switch Easy Mode: Left Shoulder button (on title screen)
  • Switch Hard Mode: Right shoulder button (on title screen)
  • Continue (on You Lose screen): Y

Analog controls are smoother, though tossing the squid enemies towards the desired direction might be a bit trickier.

Difficulty Modes

  • Easy: more shields, enemy friendly fire, less aggressive enemies, lower score bonus
  • Normal: regular amount of shields, enemy friendly fire, cloning squid enemies, regular score bonus
  • Hard: no shields, no enemy friendly fire, more aggressive and more numerous enemies, higher score bonus


TurretOpens in certain intervals to shoot at the player.
Doesn't move, but can be pushed around by ramming.
Crescent Ship Pursues the player ship, but can be rammed into walls to destroy.
Uses a temporary shield and shoots at the player in HARD mode only.
Green SquidLatches onto the player ship, making it impossible to maneuver until shaken off.
Passes through walls unless tossed into them.
Can clone itself in NORMAL and HARD modes,
Pink BugAmbushes the player ship in the asteroid field and always keeps a distance.
Shoots at certain intervals.
Purple SquidSimilar to the Green Squid, but cannot clone itself.
Protects The Core in infinitely re-spawning numbers, but can also bring its downfall.
The CoreThe final challenge. Protected by a rotating mantle of indestructible metal plates.
Emits energy discharges towards intruders in certain intervals.


- Originally made for the GMTK Jam 2018 - this is an updated version

- Created in Construct 2

- SFX from SubspaceAudio's free 8-bit sound effect collection (provided on OpenGameArt.org under CC0 license)

- BGM from SketchyLogic's free NES Shooter Music pack (provided on OpenGameArt.org under CC0 license)

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